Drighlington Primary School

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Drighlington Primary School, Moorland Road, Drighlington, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD11 1JY


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Drighlington Primary School

Nurturing, supporting, believing, achieving!

Our Surveys

April 2021

We asked families if our events to support children's well-being are effective.

On the last day of the Spring term we held a huge birthday party for all children so that they could celebrate with their friends the birthdays missed during the pandemic. We asked how this affected each child's well-being.

  • 90.2% (92 votes) said a great success and a massive positive event for my child
  • 8.82% (9 votes) said went really well and my child seemed very happy
  • 0.98% (1 vote) said went quite well and my child was reasonably pleased
  • no-one voted to say not very successful and my child did not really enjoy the day

We now know that the vast majority who voted appreciate our efforts to create a special event. This is something we will do again when we think the time is right.

March 2021

We asked staff and families to help us to create our very own word cloud, focusing on well-being and on views about learning.

Here is our word cloud and thank you to all who voted (225 votes were made online on our website). The word cloud really does capture the essence of our school and the collaborative work between home and school.

March 2021

We asked "Is your child worried about returning to school after lockdown?"

  • 51 (56.67%) said my child is really keen to return and is excited about it
  • 27 (30%) said my child is a little anxious about returning to school
  • 12 (13.33%) said my child is quite nervous about coming back to school

We ask all parents/carers who said their child is anxious speak to class teachers to make sure there is a partnership approach and that their child feels secure very quickly. As a school, there are lots of plans in place for the children's well-being overall.

February 2021

Remote learning offer:

I think the teachers are providing clear and helpful guidance for day to day home learning.

  • 53 (75.71%0) said strongly agree
  • 15 (21.43%) said agree
  • 2 (2.86%) said disagree
  • 0 (0%) said strongly disagree
  • 0 (0%) said don't know

Thank you to the 70 people who voted. We are thrilled to hear that 97.57% said they agree or strongly agree that our teachers did a great job. Of course the real stars are the children who have kept going with their learning and the adults who have helped them at home. Should we find ourselves in another lockdown situation we will use the same format for home learning grids in the future.

January 2021

How well did the school manage the build up to Christmas?

I think the school did all that they could to make Christmas a very special time for children in school.

  • 52 (96.3%) said agree
  • 0 (0%) said disagree
  • 2 (3.7%) said don't know

Our family really enjoyed the Christmas videos from children and staff.

  • 49 (98%) said agree
  • 1 (2%) said disagree
  • 0 (0%) said don't know

Thank you to the 54 people who voted. This helps us to evaluate your views. It would seem that, overall, there was a positive response to the way we managed Christmas during the Covid pandemic. We will certainly consider creating staff videos next Christmas!

December 2020

Parents' Evenings

"I found the telephone consultation helpful under the current circumstances."

  • 60 (98.36%) said yes
  • 0 (0%) said no
  • 1 (1.64%) said don’t know

"I am happy with the support given to my child since the start of the new term."

  • 59 (96.72%) said yes
  • 0 (0%) said no
  • 2 (3.28%) said don’t know

Thank you to all who voted. This helps us to see that telephone conversations were appreciated during the pandemic situation. In our poll, there were no objections to telephone conversations and no-one said they were unhappy with the idea. This will help us to plan for the next Parents' Evenings which will may be affected by pandemic too. As always, we continue to do our best and families can talk to teachers on a regular basis through ClassDojo at any time.


November 2020

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education School Survey

“Have you ever talked to your child about something they have learnt at school to do with relationships, health and sex education?”

  • 44 (50.57%) said yes
  • 38 (43.68%) said no
  • 5 (5.7%) said don’t know

“Has your child ever asked you questions about relationships, health and sex education at home?”

  • 52 (62.65%) said yes
  • 31 (37.35%) said no
  • 0 said don’t know

“Would you like more support to help you to talk to your child about relationships, health and sex education?”

  • 23 (27.38%) said yes
  • 55 (65.48%) said no
  • 6 (7.14%) said don’t know

“Would you like more information on the relationships, health and sex education we are proposing to teach?”

  • 57 (70.37%) said yes
  • 23 (28.4%) said no
  • 1 (1.23%) said don’t know

“Based on what you currently know about our teaching of relationships, health and sex education, how would you rate it overall?”

  • 41 (50.62%) said yes
  • 4 (4.94%) said no
  • 36 (44.44%) said don’t know

Our RSE and HE Leader will now use this information to review our policy and curriculum, which will then be shared with all families. Thank you to everyone for contributing to the survey, It will help us to create provision that is tailored to our community.


October 2020

Health and Safety Survey

"I think school has done the best it can to keep everyone safe during the pandemic"

In October 2020 we put a poll on our website, asking families to respond to the statement above. There were 169 responses:

  • 163   (96.45%) agreed
  • 1       (0.59% disagreed)
  • 5       (2.96% don't know)

We are so proud to have been able to put into place lots of things to make people feel safe.

"Do our children say they feel safe and happy in school?"

We also asked children to vote in our ballot boxes and tell us if they felt safe and happy in school. of the 408 on roll, 396 voted:

  • 378  (95.45%) said they feel safe and happy
  • 18    (4.54%) said they did not feel safe and happy

This was a secret ballot. We will now ask all teachers to talk to all children in classes about the importance of telling adults when things do not feel right, so that these children have the confidence to talk to adults and we will be able to help them to feel much better.


Comments from Parents and Carers


"Thank you so much to the leaders, teachers and support staff for making sure our children have resettled into school so easily since their return in September.
The school has ensured our children are safe, nurtured and taught an exciting and relevant curriculum.
My girls love coming to school everyday and have never been phased by the new procedures in place, this is testament to the wonderful staff at Drighlington Primary School" (Mrs Turner)


"I just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for the amazing job they have done getting the kids back for the first term. I am so proud to be a part of this school my son is so happy and excited every day to be back and it’s all because of the great work that’s been done. I’ve always appreciated how hard it is to look after a classroom full but add on all the extra work that’s had to go in to make it safe and I’m honestly amazed. Enjoy your half term break you all really deserve the rest now"