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PE and Sports Funding

PE and school sports play a very important part in the life at Drighlington Primary School and we are committed to ensuring that all our children enjoy the PE and sport activities that we offer at our school.

We believe that PE contributes to a child’s development and, through participation in sport activities, our children build and learn more about respect, tolerance, teamwork, resilience, friendship, trust and responsibility.

Each year state funded schools are allocated a PE and Sports Grant which must be used to fund improvements to the provision of PE and sport so that pupils can develop healthy lifestyles. 

The introduction of the PE and sport grant has enabled us to further develop, strengthen and create a range of sustainable PE opportunities available to our pupils, in addition to and enhancing the weekly PE sessions which they already participate in.

In order to ensure the PE & Sports funding is well spent and supports both current and future pupils we carefully evaluate  provision, and always plan to spend the allocations in a targeted and sustainable way.

Swimming and water safety is an important part of the PE curriculum at Drighlington Primary School. Not only is swimming a life-saving skill, many children enjoy swimming as a family activity and the ability to swim opens up a whole range of water-based sports (e.g. diving, water polo). We recognise that swimming is a very inclusive sport as it is one of the most accessible forms of exercise in terms of age, weight and physical ability.

Our children usually visit Morley Sports Centre on a weekly basis during the first 2.5 terms of Y4, with Y6 catch up in the final term. Most children learn to swim during this period of time. During their final half term in Y6, they have top up swimming lessons and visit weekly to recap their skills so that they become more confident and competent swimmers by the time they leave our school.



The PE Grant allocation for 2021-22 was £19,350 plus carry-over of £6731, total £26,081.

We anticipate expenditure of £21,830 with a carry over of £4251.

2021-22 allocation evidencing impact statement 


The PE Grant allocation for 2020-21 was £19,290 plus carry-over of £3017, total £22,307.

The expenditure was £15,576, carry-over £6731.