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Educational Visits and Visitors


At Drighlington Primary School we believe that educational visits and visitors are a fantastic way to bring learning to life for children. We have carefully planned our range of visits and visitors to ensure that children have a wide range of cultural opportunities which link to their learning, embed their knowledge and widen their life experiences.


Our Educational Visits Whole School Plan


EYFS Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6
Autumn 1 Midwife and parent visitors

Local walk (Geography)

Animal visitor (Science)

Sculpture Park (Art)

Animal visitor (Science)

Herd Farm visit (History)

Hindu Mandir (RE)

Drax power station (Geography)

MP visitor (PSHCE)

MP visitor (History, PSHCE) Skelton Grange visit (Science)
Autumn 2

Santa visitor

Theatre visit - panto

Local Walk (Science)

Parent and Grandparent visitors (History)

Shibden Hall (History)

Cenotaph visit (History)

British Legion visitor (History)

Local cafe visitor (DT)

Local church leader visitor (RE)

Synagogue visit (RE) Science and Media museum (Science)

Star Dome (Science)

Theatre visitor (PSHCE)


Robin Wood


Sikh Gurdwara (RE)

Spring 1 Cat's Protection visitor Moorside Church visit (RE) Geology visitor (Geography)

Bagshaw Museum (History)

Dentist visitor (Science)

Mosque visit (RE)

Geology visitor (Science)

Supermarket visitor (DT)

Spring 2

People who help us visitors

Rainbow Centre visit

Local Walk (Science) African food tasting (Geography)

Leeds Art Gallery (Art)

School nurse (PSHCE and Science)

Oakwell Hall (Science)

Eastern European visitor (Geography)

Bank visitor (PSHCE)

Headingley Water Works (Geography)

Local river study (Geography)

Local tapas restaurant visit (MFL) 
Summer 1 Forest School visit

Woodland walk (Art)

Ledstone Estate (Science)

Mosque (RE)

Scarborough visitor (Geography)

Bank visitor (PSHCE)

St Paul's church visit (RE)

Imaam visitor (RE)

Supermarket visitor (PSHCE)

Allotment visit (Art)

World War 2 visitor (History)

SALTS Mill (Art) Armley Mills (History)
Summer 2

Supermarket visitor (DT)

School nurse (PSHCE, Science)

Scarborough visit (History)

Parent and Grandparent visitors (History)

Yorvik visit (History)

Warburton visitor (DT)


Green Moon (Science, PSHCE)

Clapham Caves (Geography)

Rounders visitors (PE)

Local walk (History)


 Year 2 visit the local cenotaph as part of their work on remembrance.

 Year 3 learn about how Jewish people worship by visiting a Synagogue.

 Bringing science to life at the Science and Media Museum (Year 4).

Year 5 get a close look at rock formations on their visit to Clapham caves.

  Developing teamwork on our Year 6 residential at Robin Wood.

 Year 2 examining artwork at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Living like a Stone-age warrior at Herd Farm (Year 3)

 Year 6 studying the pond habitat at Skelton Grange.

 Parents and grandparents explore old and new toys in Year 1.