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Drighlington Primary School

Nurturing, supporting, believing, achieving!

Acts of Collective Worship

At Drighlington Primary School we hold whole school assemblies every day; it is our opportunity to be together as a whole school family and embed our ethos of nurturing, supporting, believing and achieving. We start the week by introducing our Care, Think and Learn (CTL) statements, which are explored further throughout the week. On Tuesday, as well as exploring the CTL, we celebrate our attendance achievements, which include the class with the best attendance and most improved, celebration of all those classes reaching our school target of 97% and a random prize draw for 100% attenders. Because reading is central to everything we do, on Wednesday we have a book assembly, where a different member of staff shares a book based upon our theme of the week and children/staff share book recommendations. On Thursday we embed our messages and deepen our knowledge of music in singing assembly, led by our music leader Miss Hoole. On Friday we celebrate the amazing learning achievements of the week in our Superhero assembly, where we find out who has been a Creative Cosmo, an Independent Imelda, a Maths Maddison, a Reading Rinaldo or a Writing Wriggly.

The DfE states that assemblies should be broadly Christian in faith and as such we promote respect, responsibility, self-control, honesty, compassion, thankfulness, perseverance, humility, loyalty, all core Christian values. We are visited by representatives from our local churches each half term, where aspects of Christian faith and Christian values are explored with the children.

The following represents our planned assemblies for each half term. Our plans are flexible however, and sometimes change to address a whole school issue or an event of national/international importance.

Autumn 1


 wk beg

Care think and Learn Statement


Ask me how I use zones of regulation


What does good behaviour look like?


I understand the term gratitude.


I am European.


Dyslexia is my Superpower.


I know how to support myself to have good mental health.


Why do we celebrate Black History Month?


How does the United Nations Help Me?

Autumn 2


wk beg

Care think and Learn Statement


How do we remember our loved ones?


Let’s Celebrate the languages we speak.


I know what to do if I see bullying (trusted adults) .


We all have a part to play in being a bully-free school.


We all understand the role  of our anti-bullying ambassadors.


What does Christmas mean to you and your family?


What festivals are celebrated in winter?


Spring 1


 wk beg

Care think and Learn Statement



Curric link: PHSCE

Reach High: what are you going to get better at this year?


Rule of law



Curric link: PHSCE

Resilience: Role models of resilience





Curric link: Science

Respect: How can we support our native wildlife?




Mutual respect


Curric link: English

Reach High: storytelling is part of our culture



Mutual respect



Curric link: IT

Resilience: I feel comfortable managing change online


Individual liberty