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What to do if you feel bullied

If you feel bullied now, and there is no-one to help you, call Childline 0800 1111

We want everyone to feel safe and happy!

  • It is not okay to feel unhappy or to feel as though you are being bullied. 
  • Sometimes you will fall out with friends.
  • It will make you sad, but it can usually be sorted quickly and often without the help of others.  

What is bullying?

Bullying is behaviour that hurts someone else. It includes name calling, hitting, pushing, spreading rumours, threatening or undermining someone.

It can happen anywhere – at school, at home or online. It's usually repeated over a long period of time and can hurt a child both physically and emotionally.

What can you do about it?

If it does feel like you are being bullied, you will need help to sort it out.

Always tell someone.

We can work together to sort it out. Try this plan:

  1. First, try to ignore.
  2. Second, walk away.
  3. Talk to a Bullying Buster friend.
  4. Talk to the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.
  5. Then tell an adult who works in school.
  6. If you need to, tell another adult who works in school.
  7. Tell your parents or someone at home that you trust.


Where can you get more help?

Call Childline 0800 1111 - calls are free and you can phone anytime at all, day or night.

You can also use a phone, laptop or computer to ask for help - click here Childline online.

Click here for "Don't face it alone" leaflet

Click here for videos to help you to understand bullying.